Ants and diabetes

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To see ants coming out with urine is indeed creepy. That is certainly not what I mean. Many individuals with diabetes or high blood sugar may have seen ants being attracted by their urine. Ants congregate near unflushed toilet bowls or toward spilled urine. Sometimes they are seen in hamper baskets with soiled underwear. These observations are indeed evidence of sugar being in the urine of these individuals, thanks to the efficient sugar-detecting capabilities of our tiny crawling friends.

Many times this may be the initial sign that blood sugar is abnormally elevated. Besides a routine analysis of the urine, any good doctor will advise a blood sugar test to make a diagnosis of diabetes. So do take a blood sugar test if you see ants in your urine and be sure to show the result to a doctor. Today, doctors have ways to lower high blood sugar of course in people with diabetes by allowing the excess sugar in the blood to spill out into the urine.

This is possible through the use of drugs called gliflozins. When a diabetic takes this medication, it prevents the kidneys from reabsorbing sugar back into the blood. Hence sugar is thrown out into their urine in significant quantities. Understandably, they will also see ants being attracted by their urine.

But fear not, this simply means the medication is working. The effectivity of the gliflozins relies on normal functioning kidneys. People with mild to moderate kidney damage may still benefit, but surely not those with severe kidney failure. People with severe kidney disease are people who may no longer able to pass urine. Even though these medications have not been seen to harm the kidneys in any way, there is no point using them when the kidneys are already severely damaged.

Finally, be aware that there are individuals who pass out sugar into their urine even though they do not have diabetes, nor are they taking drugs to make sugar spill into their urine.This section focuses on the medical management of type 2 diabetes.

Good management requires all of these elements. All the elements are intertwined. For example, you need to monitor your blood sugar to know if your treatment is successful.

You need to problem solve if the self blood sugar monitoring shows your treatment is not successful. The self blood sugar monitoring will indicate if you need to start, adjust the dose or change the type of diabetes medications.

Regular screening for diabetes-related complications may pick up a complication that is in the early stages, and early treatment usually gives the best results.

All rights reserved. Glossary About Us Contact Us. Languages English???? What Causes Autoimmune Diabetes? Who Is At Risk? The key principles of medical management are : Regular blood sugar and ketone self monitoring as a part of daily living Taking diabetes medications such as pills, injected medicines or even insulin Problem solving how and when to make adjustments in your medication doses to prevent high or low blood sugars Understanding complications and how to screen for, prevent and treat them.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Veterinary Medicine. Wiki User Diabetes has not been described in ants - they do not have a defined pancreas, nor do they have the metabolic derangements that characterize diabetes.

Related Questions Asked in Ants Why do ants gather around urine all reasons? The only reason I've come across that ants gather around urine is that it indicates high blood sugar. If ants are gathering around your urine, or a pet's urine, it would be a good idea to get to the Dr to get checked for diabetes. Asked in Old Testament What is pisse prophet? A pisse prophet was someone who, long ago, examined urine. If one urinated upon the ground and ants were attracted to it, the person was unhealthy.

If ants moved away from the urine they were healthy.

ants and diabetes

It was later discovered that the urine the ants were attracted to contained glucose, a significant determination of diabetes mellitus. Asked in Ants What types of ants are there? It can be : a swarm of ants a colony of ants an army of ants. Asked in Ants Give the differents kinds of ants? Honeypot ants Fire ants Bulldog ants Army ants Silver ants.

Asked in Ants Do ants have ants? Yes ants do produce ants to continue the family. Asked in Animal Life, Ants What are the different types of ants? Asked in Collective Nouns What collective nouns are used for ants? The collective nouns for ants are: a colony of ants a swarm of ants an army of ants.

Asked in Ants What is the difference between ants and fire ants? Asked in Ants What is cannibal ants?

Diabetes And Ants

Ants that eat other ants. Asked in Ants The difference between flying ants and carpenter ants or are all flying ants carpenter ants? Not all flying ants are carpenter ants. However, all carpenter ants can fly. There are various types of flying ants. Carpenter ants can be distinguished by their larger size and reddish tone to their body.

Asked in Chemistry, Ants What kind of ants sting? It's a colony of ants or a nest of ants. If we say an ants' colony, or ants' nest, it's the place where they live. Asked in Ants Species of ants? There are over 12, species of ants.I feel your pain, my friend. I HATE those damn invisible ants. Do you also get the random twitches from time to time? I hate when they happen. Especially in front of people. Makes me feel crazy. Loved the insight you provided here Mike! Thank you for this. Like Jules, I too wonder about Joe's future.

Thanks so much for sharing this. Helps me understand a little bit more about my husband's symptoms. Hopefully, your "ants" will go away for you.

Take care, Lilly. Thanks so much for the post! I haven't had neuropathy before, but I have had retinopathy in both eyes, and while the journey sucks from the beginning of the complications, it does get better!

I can see well in my right eye and acceptable in my left after surgeries in both. My BG is under better control now. With that, I still feel depressed and upset for some of the same reasons you talk about. Just remember you aren't alone in this. Thank you for talking about this kind of stuff, as I know it can't be easy.


You're giving me a glimpse of what that could be like, and whether it's in my future somewhere or not, I'm grateful that you're willing to share your experiences with it. I'm sending big hugs your way! TV voice-over: "CGM. Ants go in, but they don't come out.To say that diabetes has been around for a while is a slight understatement; after all, diabetes got its first mention a few thousand years ago. Rewind to BC : papyrus rolls from Ancient Egypt exist that pretty accurately describe the symptoms of diabetes.

ants and diabetes

Frequent need to pass water, weight loss… And way before Europeans even connected diabetes and sugar, certain Indian tribes in the 4th century BC were well aware of diabetes. However, diabetes received its first proper treatment in when Frederick Banting and Charles Best together discovered insulin and saved millions of lives.

On the other hand, being able to check your blood sugar and make adjustments, is quite a recent phenomenon. The first blood glucose meters for home use were only introduced to the market during the 80s and were insanely huge and expensive.

So how was diabetes recognized in the past? This is the part where ants come into play!

‘There are ants in my urine!’

Sounds weird, right? Seriously — this type of diagnosis can be traced back to the ancient Indians. If you can imagine it, ants go wild when they stumble across anything sweet.

Including sugar in urine. And there you have it: the old school diabetes diagnosis! Have you ever wondered how long insulin pumps have been around, what the first insulin pump looked like and how insulin pumps have developed over the years? We're going to answer those How can you tell if you have diabetes? Well, in most cases it depends on the type of diabetes because the signs of type 2 diabetes can be so mild that you When your blood sugar is in the target range, it provides information Insulin pumps help simplify everyday diabetes therapy and offer a variety of As healthcare benefit costs continue to rise, and the incidence of diabetes Our Offerings.

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For Media. Science and Research. Download and try it now! Diabetes Knowledge What do ants have to do with diabetes? The development of insulin pumps - from then to now Have you ever wondered how long insulin pumps have been around, what the first insulin pump looked like and how insulin pumps have developed over the years? Sign up to our newsletter and learn with mySugr. Sign Up. Article categories. Diabetes Knowledge. Products and Services. Why you should consider offering telehealth to your employees living with diabetes as part of your open enrollment As healthcare benefit costs continue to rise, and the incidence of diabetesConceived and designed the experiments: YZ Juanwen Zhang.

Performed the experiments: YZ Jie Zhang. Analyzed the data: YZ Jie Zhang. Contacted the computer center for data extraction and statistical software installation: Jie Zhang.

This study was designed to examine the relationship between shortened activated partial thromboplastin time APTT and increased fibrinogen values with diabetes mellitus.

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Shorter APTT and increased fibrinogen levels might be useful hemostatic markers in patients with diabetes and in patients at high risk for diabetes.

Patients with diabetes mellitus have a high risk of atherothrombotic events. Many studies have shown a variety of diabetes mellitus-related abnormalities in hemostasis and thrombosis [1][2]. Venous thrombosis has also been found to occur more frequently in diabetics. The vascular endothelium is the primary site of defense against thrombosis and is abnormal in patients with diabetes mellitus [3].

Although modern coagulation diagnostic tests are becoming more sophisticated, standard coagulation screening tests, such as activated partial thromboplastin time APTT and prothrombin time PTare still important basic examinations in clinical laboratories. APTT is commonly used to test the intrinsic coagulation pathway, where a prolonged APTT is a clinical indicator of either a factor deficiency or the presence of coagulation inhibitors [4]. Recent studies have also shown that shortened APTTs may also reflect procoagulant imbalances with increased levels of coagulation factors.

Therefore, APTT can be used to assess the risk of thromboembolic complications in patients with diabetes mellitus [5][6]. Plasma fibrinogen levels influence thrombogenesis, blood rheology, blood viscosity and platelet aggregation. Epidemiological studies have found a significant association between fibrinogen levels and insulin levels [7][8].

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Markers of fibrinolysis are abnormal in people with metabolic syndrome, and fibrinolytic dysfunction is markedly increased in subjects with diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity [7][9]. In addition, chronic hyperglycemia and tissue glycation have marked effects on fibrin structure, clot generation and resistance to fibrinolysis [7]. The ADA has since concurred with this recommendation [10]. In the present study, we collected clinical data related to general coagulation function, as well as FPG and HbA1c levels from subjects during admission to hospital.

The purposes of the present study were to evaluate whether shortened APTTs and increased fibrinogen levels are related to increased FPG and HbA1c levels, and to assess the differences of APTT and fibrinogen levels among the three groups.

The study included 1, patients men and women; median age, 64 yr; range, 39—83 yr who were admitted to various clinical departments in the first affiliated hospital of Zhejiang University between May and February Medical diagnoses were obtained from the registered hospital records, including patients with type 2 diabetes diagnosed according to the World Health Organization guidelines [11] average duration of diabetes mellitus, 9.

Hypercoagulable states is broadly defined as encompassing two clinical situations: i the presence of laboratory abnormalities, such as thrombocytosis or antithrombin III deficiency, or clinical conditions, such as cancer, pregnancy, or the postoperative state, that have been considered to be associated with an increased risk of thromboembolic complications prethrombotic states ; and ii recurrent thrombosis in patients who have no recognizable predisposing factors thrombosis-prone patients [12].

Patients were excluded if they had a past history of a predisposition to hypercoagulability, including the following: thrombocytosis; a history of venous thromboembolism; known inherited coagulation disorders; cancer; pregnancy; recent surgery; hyperthyroidism; or patients who were taking standard anticoagulant treatment with either coumarin derivatives or heparins at the time of admission.

This study was approved by the ethics committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical college at Zhejiang University, China, and was in accordance with the Helsinki declaration. Written informed consent was obtained from each of the participants at the time of enrollment.

The reference ranges used were as follows: BMI as an index to estimate the extent of obesity was calculated by body weight kg divided by the square of the height m 2 [13]. Statistical analysis was carried out using SPSS, version The significance of differences of fibrinogen, age and BMI between groups were determined using the Mann-Whitney U test. The significance of differences in sex, shortened PT, APTT and increased fibrinogen between groups were compared with the Chi-square test.

There were no significant differences in terms of sex, age and BMI differences among these two sets of three groups. We also found significantly shortened APTT values Patients are considered to have a hypercoagulable state if they have laboratory abnormalities or clinical conditions that are associated with increased risk of thrombosis; diabetic patients meet these criteria [12][15]. Hyperglycemia contributes to the hyperfibrinogenemia of diabetic patients and activates the coagulative cascade, thus increasing thrombin formation and fibrinogen degradation products, which may stimulate hepatic fibrinogen synthesis [12][16].

Diabetic patients have elevated levels of fibrinogen and factors in the intrinsic pathway, which are determinants of APTT [6]. PT and APTT tests are standard screening tests for function of the coagulation system and their utility in monitoring therapeutic anticoagulation is widely accepted [17].

Prolonged APTT values have clinical relevance as an indicator of factor deficiency or the presence of coagulation inhibitors [4]. Shortened APTTs are generally considered to be laboratory artifacts arising from problematic venepunctures [18].Don't be embarrassed of your curiosity, everyone has questions that they may feel uncomfortable asking certain people, so this place gives you a nice area not to be judged about asking it.

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ants and diabetes

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Diabetes Knowledge

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Can ants get fat? Can ants get diabetes? What do you know--apparently insects can get fat.

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