Agent orange kunsan korea

I have had an increasing amount of inquiries from former Korea veterans in regards to the spraying of Agent Orange in areas near the DMZ.

agent orange used in Korea

This spraying occurred during a period of heightened tensions along the DMZ where the North Koreans increased infiltrators into South Korea in an attempt to start an insurgency, ambush soldiersattack US campsbomb barracksand even try to assassinate the South Korean President during a period that became known as the 2nd Korean War.

Agent Orange was sprayed along the DMZ areas in order to kill foliage in order to more easily spot North Korean infiltrators. Agent Orange has since been proven to be the cause of a number of health defects with veterans that served in both Vietnam and Korea.

The spraying of Agent Orange in Korea has now been verified by the US government and the VA wants people who may have been exposed to it to come in:. The government is offering to examine Cold War American troops who served in Korea three decades ago for possible exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange.

In a little-publicized initiative, the Veterans Affairs Department expanded a program previously offered to Vietnam War veterans to include people who served in Korea in The decision to give vets free Agent Orange Registry exams, for diseases and medical conditions associated with exposure to the herbicide, is set out in a directive issued Sept.

Agent Orange and other similar herbicides were used during the Vietnam War to eliminate forest cover by defoliating broad sections of jungle mainly to facilitate pursuit of infiltrators and supplies moving into South Vietnam from the north.

After it appeared probable that the defoliant caused numerous serious illnesses and birth defects, the VA set up the Agent Orange Registry inthree years after the war ended, for U. More thanveterans have participated so far. The VA may want these veterans to come in, but they want them to prove they were in an area that was sprayed for Agent Orange, which may be tough to do for people that were stationed in units away from the DMZ and did a short temporary duty stint near the DMZ that may have exposed them to Agent Orange.

The Pentagon claims that the Agent Orange was only sprayed along the southern portion of the DMZ which is the 2 kilometer wide strip of land on the South Korean side of the border. Even if this is true the Agent Orange could still have washed into other areas and the water supply by rain I would think? However, does anyone else have any good information or links to share to help veterans that may have been exposed to Agent Orange?

For a. I still have a way to go. You camp,Pelham. Just was not there. Was our home for a year, And. We know, and some of us are still. A round to talk.

Abouht it. I am the widow of an Army Veteran who served in Korea, during and He was assigned to Co A 63rd Engineer Battalion. He was also at Camp Carroll during that time period. Steve was exposed.View the original post here. Ina film about U. According to the agreement, the U. More on the chemical dumping can be read at Reuters and The Korea Timesamong other sites.

I served in South Korea, at Camp Mercer. I was also, at Camp Carroll, involved in a construction project.

Agent Orange Korea 68-69

The factories west of Camp mercer are spewing pollution into the air and the pollution goes right over and on, Camp Mercer. In fact, our air-bases in South Korea, can handle the job of deterring North Korea. Except for the U. Camp Casey to the far north just a short distance to the east of the DMZ is still under US control and should be tested also. The Korean government would find lots of skeletons buried there also.

I was stationed at Camp Mercer from Herbicide was sprayed around the fence line and around buildings. It was mixed with diesel fuel to spray. Before I was in the army, I helped my dad mix 2 4 5 T and 2 4 D with diesel to spray on blueberry fields. Sure smelled like the same stuff to me.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.The government is offering to examine Cold War American troops who served in Korea three decades ago for possible exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange.

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The rule change follows by a year the Pentagon's disclosure that South dioxin, during that time along the demilitarized zone between North and Korean troops sprayed Agent Orange, which contained the toxic herbicide South Korea. The decision to give vets free Agent Orange Registry exams, for diseases and medical conditions associated with exposure to the herbicide, is set out in a directive issued Sept.

Agent Orange and other similar herbicides were used during the Vietnam War to eliminate forest cover by defoliating broad sections of jungle mainly to facilitate pursuit of infiltrators and supplies moving into South Vietnam from the north. After it appeared probable that the defoliant caused numerous serious illnesses and birth defects, the VA set up the Agent Orange Registry inthree years after the war ended, for U.

agent orange kunsan korea

More thanveterans have participated so far. Now that we understand that it was sprayed there,'' said VA spokesman Jim Benson, we can say, If you were in Korea, you may be exposed, and we would like you to come in.

The Defense Department has always known it was used along the Korean DMZ, but it wasn't until last December that the information was publicly known. Following news reports quoting unclassified U. However, it is plausible that U. A smaller number would have been near the DMZ.

The new directive does not entitle veterans to compensation for diseases, offering mainly physical examinations and counseling. Specifically, it opens to Korean veterans registration on the registry's computerized index of all examinations taken by Vietnam vets who worried they had illnesses caused by exposure to the chemical.

Like Vietnam vets in the registry, the Korea-based veterans will be tracked in Agent Orange research and get newsletters and other information that Vietnam vets get, Benson said. A law passed a decade ago assumes exposure for any American who served in Vietnam during a certain period. The VA has compensated veterans who have some forms of cancer and a limited number of other diseases presumed, although not proven, to have been caused by the exposure.

After Korean vets register and are examined, the government would have to take further action to add their names to the list of people eligible for compensation, Benson said. Under the law governing Agent Orange, Vietnam veterans need not prove a direct causal relationship to receive service-based compensation for certain diseases. The diseases currently on the list include Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma, respiratory cancers, soft-tissue sarcoma and prostate cancer.

Veterans' children with spina bifida, a congenital birth defect of the spine, are also eligible for benefits and health care. The U.

But these presents come wrapped with black ribbon. For 30 years, the Pentagon knew that the same defoliant linked to illness in thousands of Vietnam War veterans, and birth abnormalities in their offspring, was used in Korea during and ' But they didn't tell the men and women who served there that they might have been exposed to the infamous Agent Orange while stationed near the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. That nasty secret was kept until late last year.

And it probably would have been kept longer if it hadn't been for news leaks quoting U. Now the government is extending to former Korean duty vets the same eligibility it provided to Vietnam War vets, including free medical exams under the Agent Orange Registry. Agent Orange was used in Korea, as it was in Vietnam, to defoliate large tracks of jungle to expose enemy troops and possible supply routes.

On Thursday, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that Vietnam veterans with Type-II diabetes will now be eligible for disability compensation based on their presumed exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides used during the war. Although it will take several months to complete the rule-writing for this directive, affected vets are encouraged to enroll in the VA's health care system immediately so they can begin receiving medical care. This form of diabetes is added to the existing list of ailments connected with Agent Orange exposure, including a number of skin, nerve and respiratory conditions, as well as non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, prostate cancer and the birth defect spina bifida.

The Pentagon fought tooth and nail for years to discredit allegations that at times indiscriminate use of the defoliants had left American soldiers with medical problems, including cancer and birth defects in their offspring.

Agent Orange Korea Page 3 of In May, three former U. This explosive news was a harsh reminder to South Koreans of the high costs and lethal trail left behind by the ongoing U. Army Material Support Center in Korea. Later they buried chemicals transported from other places on as many as 20 occasions, totaling up to barrels. He spent two months in a military hospital and now has swollen ankles and toes, chronic arthritis, eye infections, and impaired hearing.

The three veterans are now seriously ill. Steve House suffers from diabetes and neuropathy, two out of 15 diseases officially linked to Agent Orange. In Korea, the U. According to a February 25, report by the U.

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It confirmed contamination on the base with high concentrations of highly carcinogenic perchloroethylene PCEpesticides, heavy metals, and components of dioxin. According to Hankyorehthe report also cites testimony from a Korean employee, Gu Ja-yeong, who worked at Camp Carroll and participated in burying drums, cans, and bottles containing chemicals in and The report recommends monitoring once or twice a year and removing the soil from the burial site because ground-water chloroform levels were 24 times the South Korean standard for drinkable water.

Chloroform is a carcinogen that can cause liver, kidney, and nervous system problems. Two earlier environmental studies of Camp Carroll, commissioned by U.

Ina Woodward-Clyde report confirmed the burial of toxic chemicals. Both the and reports state that a significant amount of soil had been excavated, but they differ as to when this actually happened. Camp Carroll is located in Waegwan, about 20 miles north of Daegu. Cancer rates in the Chilgok area near Camp Carroll were up to Environmental contamination on U.

The South Korean military is now conducting environmental tests at 85 former U. With the latest revelations, the South Korean public is calling for a full-scale assessment of the environmental damage of all U.

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Some advocates are seeking a revision of the SOFA to hold Washington responsible for the contamination it causes. After House spoke out, the USFK and the South Korean government assured the public that they would research his claims, though they disagreed about the method of investigation. According to HankyorehGPR can test for foreign matter such as canisters containing harmful materials, but it cannot verify soil or water contamination.

The joint ROK-U. According to a team official, the USFK is not just worried about dioxin, but other toxic and carcinogenic materials, which soil and water tests can detect. Indeed, investigation of an underground stream and groundwater near Camp Carroll has shown traces of PCEa known carcinogen that attacks the nervous system and can cause reproduction problems.

The Chilgok regional government sealed the well upon learning from the joint Korea-U. Agent Orange contains the deadly chemical dioxin, a byproduct of industrial processes involving chlorine or bromine. InHatfield Consultants published the results of a four-year study of soil and water samples in the A Luoi valley near the Ho Chi Minh trail and the site of three former U.

Special Forces bases where Agent Orange was stored and sprayed. SinceU. Of the nearly 3 million U. Inseven U. In making this settlement, the companies refused to accept liability, claiming that the scientific evidence did not prove Agent Orange was responsible for the medical conditions alleged.

agent orange kunsan korea

By, U. South Korean veterans who served in the Vietnam War also attempted to sue Agent Orange manufacturers. For House and other vets, also at issue is the question of medical compensation.

According to the U.The young woman, whose family once lived near the highly contaminated Danang airbase, is listed by the Vietnamese government as a victim of Agent Orange.

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Her family receives a small stipend and her wheelchair from the government. Nguyen Thi Kieu Nhung holds photos of herself between her badly deformed legs at her family home next to the Danang airbase in Danang, Vietnam on Monday, May 21, The girl was born with physical deformities, including twisted limbs, a misshapen head, and protruding eyes suspected by local health officials to be caused by dioxin in the chemical defoliant Agent Orange.

The U. Danang, Vietnam — More than 30 years after the Vietnam War ended, the poisonous legacy of Agent Orange has emerged anew. A scientific study has found extraordinarily high levels of health-threatening contamination at the former U.

Soil tests by his firm, Hatfield Consultants of Canada, found levels of dioxin, the highly toxic chemical compound in Agent Orange, that were to times higher than internationally accepted limits. The report has not yet been released, but Boivin and Vietnamese officials summarized its central findings for The Associated Press. Earlier tests by Hatfield, which has worked in Vietnam sinceshowed that dioxin levels were safe across most of Vietnam.

The worst contamination in Danang is confined to a small section of the 2,acre base, the former Agent Orange mixing area. Tests also confirmed that rainwater has carried dioxin into city drains and into parts of a neighboring community that is home to more thanpeople, Boivin said.

The Ford Foundation, a New York- based charitable organization, is paying for temporary containment measures, which will begin this summer before monsoon season.

Nguyen Van Dung, 38, and his family have lived just outside the air base since Nguyen used to bring home fish he caught in Lotus Lake.

At about age 2, his daughter began manifesting grotesque health problems. Her right shoulder bone protrudes unnaturally, stretching her skin. She has only two teeth, her right eye bulges from its socket, and she has sores on her face.

I go to the pagoda twice a month to pray that my daughter will get better. During the war, U. In the process, the herbicide often spilled onto the ground. Dioxin attaches itself to dirt and sediment and stays for generations, posing danger to people who touch it. Although not absorbed by crops such as rice, it remains in the fat of fish and other animals that ingest it and can be passed to humans through the food chain. The Danang project marks a significant change in the U. Log In Membership Newsletters Obituaries.I already knew many veterans who have served in Vietnam and Korea suffer from not just this side effect but many others.

Many of these veterans also suffer not only from Diabetes, but many of the other side effects of Dioxin exposure. Agent Orange was used in Korea from approximately to Those that served in Korea at that time are the only ones who are acknowledged to have had exposure to Dioxin. It does not cover those that were exposed afterward, where it resides in the dirt for many years to come. Our final troops exited Vietnam by and they are covered in the Zone for Agent Orange.

But, in Vietnam we did not naturally get a chance to see the effects of Dioxin exposure in the ground to those Veterans. In Korea, many of us believe we were exposed to it through the 70s and 80s due to aliments we now suffer from.

Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam or Korea

I believe you will find in most cases, it has taken several years for the illnesses to appear, quite similar to those who were exposed to Agent Orange when it was used in Vietnam. From toapproximately 50, troops have served in the American Sector of the DMZ, and that is a conservative number! That is why I ask the Veterans of Foreign Wars to stand up and help these veterans who need it now and never have been recognized for their efforts and their sickness from exposure to Agent Orange.

A birth defect that is defined by the VA. John's mother is Korean from the north part of the ROK. Her name is Mun, Yong-Cha! Would I know that my service would come back to haunt him even more, then me! My sources tell me that expanding the presumptive illnesses, areas of operation, and dates for Agent Orange AO exposure is a difficult task. There are many groups fighting for AO coverage.

Here are some suggestions for AO coverage change. The Department of Veteran Affairs VA announced it is continuing the process to replace its medical appointment scheduling system through an acquisition process.

We need lasting, long-term reforms, including a complete overhaul to replace the outdated technology for our scheduling system. Bringing an innovative scheduling product into our world-class electronic health record system is a crucial part of providing the scheduling staff in our facilities with the tools necessary to succeed. BoxWashington, D.

Veterans with certain service-connected disabilities may get a grant from VA to build or modify a home to meet their needs. So far, so good. Veterans can now access their local military base to take advantage of benefits there. Here's how to do it. You may also view our other newsletters, or visit your account to manage email preferences. The president has directed the Department of Veterans Affairs to suspend debt collections immediately.

The Census is here and helps make sure every community gets its fair share of resources and political representation. Tricare users should brace for temporary military pharmacy closures over the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A lawsuit charges that the VA should give workers hazardous duty pay during the coronavirus epidemic.Shinseki said in a statement.

agent orange kunsan korea

Agent Orange, a defoliant used to minimize concealment for enemy combatants in wooded areas, was used in the Vietnam War from to In total, it has affected an estimated 2. In the past, the VA stipulated that Agent Orange exposure could only be assumed for veterans who served in particular units along the Korean demilitarized zone DMZ between April and July Under the new final rulewhich was published this week in the Federal Registerthe VA will presume herbicide exposure for any veteran who served between April 1,and Aug.

In reality, veterans who have specific illnesses presumed to be caused by Agent Orange don't have to prove it happened during their military service, the department noted.

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The statement urges affected veterans to submit claims for access to care and compensation as soon as possible. This week's announcement is the second recent effort by the VA to broaden the number of veterans eligible for care and compensation as a result of Agent Orange exposure.

In Novemberthe department began distributing disability benefits to veterans suffering from three additional illnesses -- B cell leukemias such as hairy cell leukemiaParkinson's disease, and ischemic heart diseases -- thought to stem from Agent Orange exposure.

The VA had already been paying out benefits in the case of 15 other illnesses, including acute and subacute transient peripheral neuropathy; chloracne; chronic lymphocytic leukemia; multiple myeloma; porphyria cutanea tarda; respiratory cancers; soft tissue sarcoma other than osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, or mesothelioma ; Hodgkin's disease, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, prostate cancer, and type 2 diabetes.

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